Trvel Guide Koh 4 (Koh Miang) Phang Nga Thailand

Koh 4 (Koh Miang)
Can be reached by boarding the long tailed boats from Koh 8, taking about 40 minutes. Koh 4 is more quiet than Koh 8 having two beaches at the front and behind the island for overnight staying with the trail as a connection. There are houses on the hills and rocks facing the sea.
Koh 4 is the second largest island from Koh Similand of abundant forests and water resources where Hairy Leg Mountain Crabs and Nicobar Pigeons, the two sacred animals inhabiting.

Koh 4 (Koh Miang) Phang Nga

The Front Beach
Located in front of the island at the north having very clear white sand and colorful sea which is good for swimming. Farther from the beach is the skin diving area of coral reefs and chool of fishes. A large forest is rested behind the beach which is the home of Nicobar Pigeons, the birds found at the Andaman Islands especially at Koh 4. They are seen at the area near the tour service center and in front of the restaurant.

The front beach is also the office of the National Park, tour service center, restaurants, houses in various surroundings as well as camping area. Tourists can ask for information of the long tailed boat service for diving at the tour service center.

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The Front Beach Koh 4 (Koh Miang)

Lek Beach Or the Back Beach with a small convenient path of 385 m cutting across the island from the Front Beach to Lek Beach. You may find Hairly Leg Mountain Crabs along the way but they mostly go out at night to find food. Lek Beach does not have wide area like the Front Beach. Camping area and toilets are available. The beach is visited by more foreign tourists than Thai tourists because they enjoy the peaceful area for sunbathing, swimming, seeing coral reefs, cartoon fish and butterfly fish as well as Sinsamu Fish. It is the island of the outstanding beautiful sunrise, the sea that can see the scenic Koh1, Koh 2 and Koh 3 wonderfully rested as a line.

Lek Beach Koh 4 (Koh Miang)

Lan Kha Luang Viewpoint The area to see the panorama of Koh 4 situated on the hill which can be accessible by 30 minutes walking from the National Park Office. But the trail up the hill is very steep and sometimes need to hole the robe for climbing. At the site are a lot of ferns (Fern Kha Luang Lang Lai), the area to see the panoramic Koh5, Koh6, Koh7, Koh8, Lek Beach and some coral reefs. The appropriate travel time is in the morning of cool weather.

Lan Kha Luang Viewpoint

Diving Area It is forbidden by the National Park to stay overnight only on Koh 8 and Koh 4. Others are for diving except Koh 1 which is the preserved area under the Navy responsibility to be the place for turtles laying eggs. So that, no activity is allowed at the island.

Diving Area

Facilities: Boat services from Tap Lamu Pier mostly are speedboats of one day package tour. For the island overnight program, you have to inform the guide about the schedule prior to the trip. Boat Service Company.

Koh 4 (Koh Miang) Phang Nga

Koh 4: Houses, tents, restaurants, tour service center.
Mu Koh Similan National Park Tel 0 7659 5045, 0 7642 1365 (Koh 4).
Mu Koh Similan National Park will open for tourists between 16 November 16 May each year.

Koh 4 (Koh Miang) Phang Nga
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